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The Nagel Network, Inc.
500 Weyman Road Pittsburgh PA 15236

Contact Phone Fax Internet
[email protected] 800-217-1913 412-884-6555

The Nagel Network’s goal is to provide our customers with quality products and reliable service. We strive to offer the most innovative product lines for respiratory therapy, pulmonary function, emergency, anesthesia, and doctors’ offices. We offer product training and support, competitive pricing from a variety of manufacturers, prompt delivery, and product satisfaction guarantee. We specialize in:

• Spirometry
• Pulmonary Function Labs
• CO Analyzers
• Dosimeters
• Ventilators (MRI-compatible)
• Pulse Oximeters
• Viral Filters
• ECG’s / Stress Testing • Plethysmography • Asthma Monitors

We offer the four leading manufacturers of viral filters. Additional supplies for pulmonary function include: Absorbents, Adapters, Breathing Bags, Calibration Syringes, Chart Paper & Pens, Hoses, Mouthpieces & Nose Clips. Overnight delivery anywhere in the United States. Call 800-217-1913. E-mail: [email protected].

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ndd Medical Technologies
Two Dundee Park Andover MA 01810

Contact Phone Fax Internet
Sales 877-904-0090 978-470-0924

ndd Medical Technologies is committed to providing superior products and service. The EasyOne™ Spirometer requires no cleaning and has no moving parts to gum up or wear out. The patented TrueFlow ultrasonic technology provides an extremely accurate digital measurement that is independent of heat, humidity, altitude, gas composition and barometric pressure. The EasyOne™ meets 2005 ATS/ERS spirometry standards and runs on AA batteries for true hand-held portability. For real-time pc based testing ndd offers the EasyOne Screen, a great option with pediatric and curve incentives. ndd Medical Technologies is proud to offer the Frontline Spirometer designed for the simple assessment of lung health. This spirometer is the first to meet the NLHEP (National Lung Health Education Program) guidelines for simple office spirometry. Ideal for primary care, health fairs, ER and home care, this spirometer performs FVC testing, and provides quality feedback on each maneuver for best results.

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Newport Medical Instruments, Inc.
1620 Sunflower Ave. Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Contact Phone Fax Internet
Customer Service x282 800-451-3111 714-427-0489

Since 1981, Newport Medical Instruments has designed and manufactured ventilators that have gained a global reputation for their reliability, ease of use and cost effectiveness. Our newest ventilator, the Newport e360 Ventilator is small in size but offers all the standard features you demand, including a built-in graphic display. Advanced features include Dual Modes (VTPC/VTPS), Biphasic Pressure Release Ventilation (BPRV) and an adjustable Slope/Rise and Expiratory Threshold. Designed for hospital and subacute units, the e360 is clinically effective yet very cost conscious.

The Newport HT50 Ventilator offers a patented gas delivery system, up to 10 hours of operation from the internal battery, full mode selection (including pressure support), built-in PEEP and back up ventilation - all in a small, durable, easy to use package. The HT50 is ideal for homecare, transport, subacute settings and emergency preparedness. Visit us at for more details.

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90 Icon Street Foothill Ranch CA 92610

Contact Phone Fax Internet
Customer Service 800-325-0283 949-580-1550

Nihon Kohden is recognized as a world leader in diagnostic instrumentation. Combining versatility and innovation with powerful research analysis software, Nihon Kohden has continually presented ground-breaking technologies such as Polysmith DMS™ Data Management Solution - a new addition to the Polysmith family of sleep products. Operating on the Windows™ platform, this powerful research database not only stores all clinically significant data for PSG and EEG studies, but it includes sophisticated search and sort tools and an easy to use calendar interface that make it simple to learn and manage patient populations. Another addition to the Nihon Kohden family of products is the JE-921 amplifier. It includes internal pulse oximetry, internal main stream end tidal CO2, 32 AC channels and 8 DC channels and interfaces easily with the PC via USB port. This is the ideal EEG\PSG recording solution. All Nihon Kohden hardware and software is engineered with the highest specifications available on the market. Home Sleep testing solutions are also available with the EOS, Track-it and Track-it Sleepwalker recorders. For more information call 800-325-0283 or visit

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1111 Lakeside Drive Gurnee IL 60031

Contact Phone Fax Internet
Inside Sales Representative 800-448-0770 847-855-6300

Ohio Medical Corporation has been the leading supplier ofmedical air and vacuum pumping systems, medical suction regulators, air andoxygen flow meters and portable suction equipment since 1958.

Ohio Medical Corporation is an ISO 13485 registered and FDA regulated medical device manufacturing facility. All Ohio Medical MedGas products are produced to conform to NFPA 99 standards. With a leading research and development team, dedicated service department, and knowledgeable customer support teams, we will continue to provide the medical industry with leading technology and quality products as we have for the past five decades.

Ohio Medical is the only name you need to know for your medical suction and oxygen therapy and MedGas equipment needs.

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Olympic Medical, a division of Natus
5900 First Avenue South Seattle WA 98108

Contact Phone Fax Internet
Ken LeBlanc 866-753-4823 206-762-4200

Ideal for Sleep Labs

Olympic Medical is North America's leading manufacturer of washer/pasteurizers and bio-clean dryers. Olympic Pasteurmatics and Sterile-Driers are used in over 2,000 hospitals worldwide to achieve high-level disinfection of semi-critical devices, such as breathing circuits, face masks, nebulizers and resuscitation bags used in respiratory care and anesthesia departments. Olympic Medical offers hospitals the ability to reprocess this equipment in the safest, most cost effective and environmentally friendly method available today. Since the Pasteurmatic uses only hot water to achieve high-level disinfection, the toxicity problems associated with chemical disinfection are no longer a concern. Operator labor is kept to a minimum through a specially designed loading system, and all loads are automatically documented by date, time and temperature to assist in quality assurance.

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235 Hembree Park Drive Roswell GA 30076

Contact Phone Fax Internet
Sales Department 800-490-6784 770-510-4445

OPTI Medical Systems manufactures the OPTI line of analyzers for measuring time sensitive diagnostic assays including blood gas, electrolytes, ionized calcium, measured SO2, tHb and glucose. OPTI Medical’s customer base extends throughout the world with over 4,000 instruments in use. OPTI Medical offers the portable OPTI CCA-TS blood gas analyzer, the OPTI R blood gas analyzer with Auto QC, and the OPTI LION electrolyte analyzer. Each analyzer provides fast, lab-accurate results, simple intuitive operation, and can be integrated with any HIS/LIS. The patented optical fluorescent technology used in the OPTI analyzers virtually eliminates maintenance costs, test delays, and down time. OPTI Medical continues to be focused on the development of new portable instruments for the measurement of time sensitive diagnostic tests. Recently OPTI Medical expanded the OPTI product line to include the OPTI Rhythm line of finger pulse oximeters. Our compact, versatile OPTI Rhythm pulse oximeters combine reliable performance with the simplicity and portability busy healthcare workers demand.

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Oxy-View, Inc.
109 Inverness Drive East Englewood CO 80112

Contact Phone Fax Internet
Customer Service 877-699-8439 303-790-4588

Oxy-View, Inc. of Englewood, CO is pleased to offer Oxy-View oxygen therapy eyewear. Oxy-View eyewear not only holds prescription lenses, they also deliver prescribed oxygen. Oxy-View eyewear is designed to deliver flow rates up to 5 liters per minute of oxygen to patients who require continuous supplemental oxygen. Oxygen patients who must wear eyeglasses or hearing aids will appreciate the comfort of the Oxy-View frame, since it eliminates nasal cannula tubing over the ears. These innovative eyeglass frames may be used with continuous flows, pulse, portable and stationary oxygen systems.

Oxy-View is also pleased to announce our new line of Finger Pulse oximeters, for use in the home and the clinical environment. For more information about Oxy-View eyewear and Finger Pulse Oximeters please call (877) 699-8439, or visit our web site:

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PASS - Professional Accreditation Study Systems
PO Box 844 Mars Hill NC 28754

Contact Phone Fax Internet
Carla Parvin 828-702-0503

PASS, the Professional Accreditation Study Systems company, creates tools to help you advance your career and improve your sleep center - PREP24 has 100 questions to help you prepare for the registry exam and Score08 has 50 questions to help you learn the new 2008 scoring rules. These programs can run in 2 modes: PRACTICE EXAM mode which is timed and scored, or in STUDY SESSION mode which displays the correct answer, an explanation of the topic, and the reference and page number from which the questions are drawn. These are your CDs - run them as many times as you like! See demonstrations online at our website, Also included is a GLOSSARY which contains 248 terms and acronyms a person needs to know when taking this exam and tips on studying for and taking the exam.

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Passy-Muir Inc.
PMB 273 4521 Campus Dr. Irvine CA 92612

Contact Phone Fax Internet
[email protected] 800-634-5397 949-833-8299

xThe Passy-Muir™ TRACHEOSTOMY & VENTILATOR SWALLOWING AND SPEAKING VALVES (PMVs) are the only patented closed position “no leak” swallowing/speaking valves designed to fit most adult and pediatric tracheostomy tubes. The valves open easily during inspiration, closing at the end of inspiration redirecting all exhaled air through the oronasopharynx providing clear uninterrupted speech. The PMVs restore a closed respiratory system which independent research validates improves swallowing, reduces aspiration, facilitates secretion management and reduces weaning & decannulation time. The PMVs (with the exception of the PMV™ 2020) can be used interchangeably on/off the ventilator. The PMV 2020 (clear) is the only light weight closed position “no leak” tracheostomy speaking valve that attaches to the Pilling Weck or Premier Medical metal Jackson Improved tracheostomy tubes (sizes 4-6 or equivalent.) Five free on-line CEU courses and Educational materials are available on our website. Contact us for free Clinical Video, CD/DVD and independent research literature.

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Percussionaire Corp
PO Box 817 Sandpoint ID 83864

Contact Phone Fax Internet
Giles Wilson 800-850-7205 208-263-0577

Percussionaire® Corporation Sandpoint ID, USA Offers Intrapulmonary Percussive Ventilation (IPV®) for the mobilization of retained endobronchial secretions and the resolution of atelectasis.

IPV® consists of three major components: The Nebulizer, The Percussionator®, The Phasitron® (the key to IPV®).

Application in the following disease processes: • Neuromuscular: Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Muscle Atrophy, Werdnig-Hoffman Muscle Atrophy, Quadriplegia • Smoke Inhalation Injury • Obstructive Lung Disease: COPD (chronic bronchitis, emphysema, bronchitis, cor pulmonale, bronchiectasis), Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis • Atelectasis (Post Op, Post CABG, post Trauma).

The 2005 AARC meeting featured 12 presentations on Percussionaire products, none supported by manufacturer financing. IPV®/VDR® Since 1992 and still state of the art and unsurpassed.

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300 Held Drive Northampton PA 18067

Contact Phone Fax Internet
Customer Service 800-272-7285 800-352-1240

Precision Medical, Inc., an ISO 9001 & CE registered company, manufactures respiratory products including oxygen & air flowmeters, vacuum regulators, oxygen /air blenders, oxygen monitors, battery operated & AC suction units, air compressors, nebulizer compressors, as well as oxygen regulators, oxygen conservers and liquid oxygen systems. Precision Medical also manufactures unique specialty oxygen delivery devices as well as medical fittings. Our products are supplied to the hospital, homecare, long term care, sub-acute, EMS and related healthcare markets worldwide. Precision Medical’s manufacturing and research facilities are located in Northampton, PA, USA. Contact us at 800-272-7285 or www.precisionmedical. com.

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Pro-Tech, a Respironics Company
801 Presque Isle Drive Pittsburgh PA 15239

Contact Phone Fax Internet
Customer Service 800-345-6443 800-886-0245

Pro-Tech is recognized as a global leader in the manufacturing of sleep diagnostic sensors and offers a comprehensive solution of sleep diagnostic devices, sensors and accessories to meet your needs. Now acquired by Respironics, Pro-Tech continues to be committed to serving customers with products that are easy to use, comfortable for the patient, and produce quality data. Pro-Tech provides cutting edge technologies supporting the accreditation guidelines including zRIP respiratory effort system, PTAF™ 2 pressure transducers, nasal/oral cannulas, and thermal airflow. zRIP™ is a cost-effective, state-of-the-art inductive effort belt system for most PSG systems. Adult and pediatric sizes are available. The PTAF™ 2 pressure-based transducer is designed to generate accurate respiratory signals. For additional product and ordering information, call Respironics Customer Service, 800-345-6443, or visit

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ResMed Corp
14040 Danielson Street Poway CA 92064

Contact Phone Fax Internet
Hillary Theakston 800-424-0737 858-746-2900

ResMed is a global leader in medical equipment for the screening, treatment and management of sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) and other respiratory disorders. They sell a comprehensive range of products in the US and more than 65 countries worldwide. ResMed is dedicated to raising awareness among patients and healthcare professionals of the potentially serious health consequences of untreated SDB, including hypertension, other cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and morbid obesity. They are constantly striving to develop innovative technologies to improve the lives of people suffering from SDB. The award-winning ResMed product line covers all aspects of the respiratory treatment spectrum, including continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), automatic positive airway pressure (APAP) and bilevel positive airway pressure. They also offer a range of humidification products, nasal interface systems and accessories, screening tools and clinical systems. ResMed provides quality systems, reliable products and complete solutions, producing lasting results for its customers and their patients.

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6 Courthouse Lane, Suite 8 Chelmsford MA 01824

Contact Phone Fax Internet
Walter Makiej 978-970-1947 978-970-1948

Respiratory Delivery Systems, Inc., is a marketing and research company that anticipates
new virgin markets then invents, develops, manufactures and supplies products to accommodate those markets.

Respiratory Delivery Systems, Inc., has been in business for over 15 years. R.D.S. Inc. currently markets two very successful respiratory products, Microspacer® and Microchamber®.

These two unique products represent technological breakthroughs regarding proper airway deposition of Asthma medication.

The Microspacer® and Microchamber® devices are used with metered-dose inhaler products compatible with both CFC and HFA MDI formulations. The products are very small, user friendly, proven effective, latex free, dishwasher safe and significantly less expensive.

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Roche Diagnostics
9115 Hague Road Indianapolis IN 46250

Contact Phone Fax Internet
Inside Sales 800-428-5074 800-722-7222

With a diverse portfolio of blood gas analyzers and diagnostic equipment, Roche Diagnostics understands how point-of-care testing can put critical analyses near the patient – reducing tech time, improving turnaround time and helping clinicians take better care of patients. The Roche portfolio includes the Roche cobas b 221 blood gas systems, the industry leading ACCU-CHEK® Inform blood glucose system, the CoaguChek® S Coagulation Monitor, and the Roche CARDIAC READER system. Roche Diagnostics connects the point-of-care with the central lab through a portfolio of IT solutions providing a best in class fit. These IT solutions capture and report key information needed for regulatory compliance. Backed by experience and expertise, Roche Diagnostics guides you through the development and management of a successful critical care testing program.

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Rochester Electro-Medical, Inc.
4212 Cypress Gulch Drive Lutz FL 33559

Contact Phone Fax Internet
Sales/Customer Service 800-648-8840 800-545-0845

As a manufacturer and distributor of over 500 innovative products, Rochester Electro-Medical is committed to providing the highest quality Sleep, EEG, ECG, EP, EMG, and IOM supplies at the lowest prices. Rochester offers a wide variety of accessories for use in Sleep, including the NEW Thermal Flow Cannula and Thermal Sensor Kits, UltraFlow™ and Disposable Respiration Monitors for recording nasal/oral air flow, and inexpensive Snoring Microphones and Sensors. The Motion Transducer Button is perfect for infant respiration and motion detection, and—for monitoring adult or child respiration—Rochester carries a selection of Sleepmate™ Respiration Belts, the RIPmateTM Inductance Belt System, and the uniquely designed Cardio-Pneumograph™, which combines respiration and ECG on a single channel. High quality Cardiac Snap Leads are available in 5, 8, and 10 foot lengths. Additionally, Rochester is pleased to offer UltraLast™ Kevlar Electrodes with superior recording capabilities and unmatched durability. Se Habla Español. On Parle Français.

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100 W Sycamore Road Arvin CA 93203

Contact Phone Fax Internet
Marketing Dept. 800-421-0024 661-854-3850

A leading U.S. medical products manufacturer, Salter Labs develops, manufactures and markets products for Respiratory Care, Anesthesia, Sleep and Critical Care Medicine. Our patented nasal cannulas, high flow products, sleep diagnostics, small volume nebulizers, oxygen and aerosol masks, bubble humidifiers, specialty tubing, aerosol compressors and oxygen conserving devices are products Hospitals, Homecare Providers, Sleep Labs, Extended Care Facilities and OEM manufacturers worldwide choose for their clinical performance, reliability, exceptional quality and overall patient satisfaction.

For the past three decades our quest for excellence has resulted in more than 180 new products, many with industry leading patents. These unique designs have improved clinical efficacy, patient comfort and treatment cost effectiveness in the Respiratory Care, Anesthesia, and Sleep arenas.

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School of Sleep Medicine, Inc.
260 Sheridan Avenue Suite 100 Palo Alto CA 94306-2008

Contact Phone Fax Internet
Sharon Keenan 650-326-1296 650-326-1295

The School of Sleep Medicine, Inc. (SSM) is a member of The Stanford University Center of Excellence for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Sleep Disorders. SSM is globally recognized as the leader in sleep medicine education. Since 1982, we have taken great pride in being able to provide comprehensive, state-of-the-art information regarding the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders patients. Alumni include physicians, technologists, nurses and other health care professionals world-wide. Our faculty is comprised of experts with recognition for their work in clinical sleep medicine, sleep research and technology. More than 80% of board certified sleep specialists are SSM alumni. We offer a variety of courses and other materials to meet the educational needs of health care providers in sleep medicine. Call 650-326-1296, fax 650-326-1295 or visit We welcome your interest and the opportunity to serve your educational needs in sleep medicine.

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Sechrist Industries, Inc.
4225 E. La Palma Avenue Anaheim CA 92807

Contact Phone Fax Internet
Monica Gutierrez 800-732-4747 888-898-8682

For over 30 years, Sechrist Industries, Inc., continues to be a leading worldwide manufacturer of hyperbaric chamber systems, neonatal, infant and pediatric intensive care ventilators and air/oxygen mixers along with other ancillary accessories. Sechrist sells its products each year into over 80 countries around the world. All products are manufactured in accordance with FDA and various international regulations. The Sechrist Millennium® infant ventilator is a state of the art dedicated neonatal/infant ventilator incorporating all standard modes of ventilation (assist control, IMV/SIMV, CPAP, and CPAP with backup ventilation), a unique pressure-sensing device for synchronization, called SmartSync™, and the ability to ventilate patients up to 50 kg, allowing clinicians the ability to ventilate even the largest of pediatric patients. The Sechrist model 3200 monoplace hyperbaric chamber continues to be the leading chamber of choice of US clinicians for HBO therapy. In Y2005, Sechrist introduced two new monoplace chamber models, 3300E and 3600E, both with electronic control modules. These latest products incorporate unique features to enhance patient comfort, patient safety, provide better operator convenience and lower operational costs.
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11436 Sorrento Valley Road San Diego CA 92121

Contact Phone Fax Internet
Customer Service 800-826-4610 858-558-1915

The Eclipse® 2 with AutoSAT™ Technology, the personal ambulatory oxygen system, offers 3 LPM of continuous-flow and pulse dose options. The AutoSAT feature adjusts to the patients respiratory rate as it increases and decreases, providing unparalleled performance without limiting available oxygen. The unit automatically adjusts to increased oxygen demands that occur as a part of everyday life. The Eclipse 2 is the single solution product. The auto-recharge power cartridge enables easy movement between AC and DC power outlets without interruption of oxygen therapy allowing longer excursion times, even overnight travel. The Eclipse 2 eliminates the fear of running out of oxygen and gives patients peace of mind.
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Sleep Center Management Inst.
5076 Winters Chapel Road Atlanta GA 30360

Contact Phone Fax Internet
Duane Johnson, PhD 888-556-2203 770-379-0591

Sleep Center Management Institute (SCMI), an Atlanta, Georgia based firm, is dedicated to management, business education and development of sleep management professionals. SCMI provides professional educational materials, internet and on- site sleep/DME business management training, and customized consulting services that assist sleep management professionals to provide superior patient service while maximizing financial returns. SCMI's Advisory Team of sleep management specialists have over 100 years of combined experience.

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Sleep Services of America
890 Airport Park Road, Suite 1 Glen Burnie MD 21061

Contact Phone Fax Internet
Marketing Department 800-340-9978 410-760-6993

Sleep Services of America, Inc. has been a leader in the sleep diagnostic testing field since 1983. Our services span over eleven (11) states and the District of Columbia performing over 30,000 diagnostic studies in programs from infants to adults. We offer patients and physicians a complete one-stop-shop for diagnosing and treating sleep disorders.

Our full service approach to sleep diagnostics management allows medical facilities to focus on other aspects of their business, while maintaining their commitment to quality, service and patient satisfaction.

SSA has the honor of being the first national company to receive a renewed three-year dual JCAHO accreditation in ambulatory and homecare.

To learn more about our program, please contact our Sales and Marketing department today for additional information and program benefits at 800-340-9978 ext.250.

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1 Park West Circle, Suite 301 Midlothian VA 23114

Contact Phone Fax Internet
Customer Service 800-639-5432 804-378-0716

Sleepmate Technologies provides a wide range of adult and pediatric sensors to meet the needs of your sleep lab. Our sensors are made in the USA using ISO 9001:2000 manufactured procedures. All sensors are highly accurate, easy to use and very comfortable for patients, warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship and FDA 510(k) cleared. Custom connectors to fit most recorders are available. Our goal is to partner with sleep professionals and patients to provide sleep products that are comfortable, easy to use and reliable. Our Professional Training Services offers classroom training, developed by Sleepmate and our Education Partners, for the new and experienced sleep professional. Registry Review, Scoring Workshop, CPAP Workshop, Basic and Intermediate Polysomnography, Pediatric Sleep, assistance with on site accreditation and webinars. Our classes offer continuing education credits. We welcome your interest and the opportunity to serve your educational needs in sleep medicine. For more information, visit or call 1-800-639-5432

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2315 NW 107th Avenue B.133 Doral FL 33172

Contact Phone Fax Internet
Ed Faria 1-888-6-SLEEP-8 305-393-8429

Are Market Prices Cutting into Your Budget?

Want to Increase Your Bottom Line, Without Dramatic Overhead Costs?

Introducing the AASM guideline compliant BWII PSG, a sleep system that has been dynamically created to suit your sleep monitoring needs AND your budget.

SleepVirtual has spent over ten years enhancing and creating a state of the art system that is as dynamic as the ever expanding sleep monitoring field, offering a system that is suitable, reliable, precise and affordable. The 29 channel BWII PSG comes fully equipped with unlimited scoring software, is fully portable and can be used in any environment.

Stop Letting Hidden Fees Affect Your Lab Income.

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SLP, Inc.
1121 E. Main St. Suite 240 St. Charles IL 60174

Contact Phone Fax Internet
Customer Service 888-757-7367 630-513-8478

Established in 1993, SLP Ltd. has become a leading developer of physiological sensors for diagnosing sleep disorders. Our products are distributed to sleep disorder centers worldwide under the SleepSense® brand name and on an OEM basis to many leading sleep disorder diagnostic systems manufacturers. SLP Inc., in St. Charles IL, is responsible for managing the OEM business and the distribution of SleepSense products in North America.

SLP’s sleep lab sensors have been sold worldwide since 1994 and have gained a high level of market use and recognition. SLP has twice been the gold winner of Cannon Communications’ prestigious Medical Design Award. We are continually upgrading our existing sensors andproviding effective innovations to meet evolving market needs.

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160 Weymouth Street Rockland MA 02370

Contact Phone Fax Internet
Customer Service 800-258-5361 800-621-2590

Smiths Medical is a clinically-focused global leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of medical devices used for a variety of therapeutic, diagnostic and surgical procedures. Recognized by physicians and respiratory therapists around the world for superior performance, our respiratory product line is best known for brands like Portex® tracheostomy tubes and percutaneous kits, Bivona® silicone and custom tracheostomy tubes, 1st Response™ disposable manual resuscitators, AquinOx™ high flow oxygen humidification systems, Thera-Mist™ humidification/nebulization systems, pre-filled humidification/nebulization reservoirs and unit dose solutions, Steri-Cath® closed suction catheters, Acapella® bronchial hygiene systems; Coach 2®, CliniFLO® and EzPAP® incentive spirometry; Thermovent® passive humidifiers and filters and Needle-Pro® safety devices for arterial blood gas sampling. The Smiths Medical respiratory product portfolio offers unique, high-quality solutions that help clinicians achieve better patient outcomes. For more information, visit the company's web site at or call (800) 258-5361.

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Smiths Medical PM, INC
N7 W22025 Johnson Drive Waukesha WI 53186

Contact Phone Fax Internet
Customer Service 800-558-2345 262-542-0718

Smiths Medical PM, Inc. is a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of the BCI® brand of patient monitoring equipment used to monitor respiration, SpO2, ETCO2, temperature, blood pressure and ECG. They also distribute the Pneupac® brand of MRI compatible transport ventilators providing emergency support for adults and children in respiratory distress.

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100 N. Biscayne Blvd, Ste 2100 Miami Florida 33132

Contact Phone Fax Internet
Aurelio Henriquez 866-361-9937 954-646-0159

SOMNOmedics America Inc. introduces the SOMNOscreen, the ONE system that meets the requirements for a Level 4, 3, 2 and 1 device.

Whether you are looking for a simple Ambulatory Respiratory Screener, an Ambulatory PSG Device or a full Laboratory based PSG with Digital Video, the SOMNOscreen with DOMINO Software fits the bill. The Palm sized device which is worn entirely on the patient, is modular and can be configured to meet your needs today while retaining the ability to be upgraded at any time in the future.

In the Sleeplab, the SOMNOscreen wirelessly transmits data to a PC where it can be analyzed during acquisition or stored for later analysis and reporting.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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376 Victoria Ave Ste 200 Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3Z1C3

Contact Phone Fax Internet
Nanda Varier 888-742-1306 514-486-0694

Stellate provides industry leading solutions for Sleep Diagnostics, EEG, Long Term Epilepsy Monitoring and continuous EEG Monitoring in the ICU. Founded in 1986 by Dr. Jean Gotman of the Montreal Neurological Institute, Stellate is a recognized global leader with a presence in over 30 countries around the world. The company has a strong history of innovation, enabled by ongoing investments in R&D and access to the latest developments in the field. The company maintains a comprehensive quality management system that conforms to ISO 13485:2003, ISO 9001:2000 and CE requirements. Stellate provides complete solutions from pre-purchase consultation and needs analysis to site planning, systems integration, installation, training and post-sale support, each customized to individual requirements. The company is staffed by a highly qualified team of Polysomnography, EEG and computer technologists; advanced remote diagnostic tools coupled with rapid response field assistance for on-site intervention ensure service issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

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16017 Valley Blvd Industry CA 91744

Contact Phone Fax Internet
Michael Cowen 877-79-SLEEP 626-723-8210

SuperCare, a 30-year JCAHO-accredited leader in the DME marketplace, is successfully
providing a national program that enables sleep labs to increase revenue and provide better patient care. Through this unique program, the sleep lab is able to dispense CPAP, increase referrals/retests, adhere to AASM guidelines, and improve patient compliance. For more information about Supercare, please call Michael Cowen at 877-79-SLEEP, or visit their website on-line at


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Thayer Medical Corporation
4575 S Palo Verde Rd, Ste 337 Tucson AZ 85714

Contact Phone Fax Internet
Marketing/Sales 800-250-3330 520-790-5854

Thayer Medical designs and manufactures respiratory therapy devices for the delivery of aerosolized medications and the Quake™, a unique airway clearance device. Thayer’s products include the Valved-Tee adapter that delivers in-line nebulizer therapy; the MiniSpacer™ that delivers in-line MDI therapy; the PrimeAire™, a dual-valved holding chamber with an incorporated coaching whistle; and the LiteAire™, a dual-valved, collapsible holding chamber constructed of paperboard. The Quake™, provides airway clearance therapy in a portable, easy-to-use, handheld device. The Quake’s™ soft touch handle allows the patient to regulate rotation frequency and vary percussive pressure differentials within the lungs during both inhalation and exhalation.

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109 Inverness Drive East Englewood CO 80112-5105

Contact Phone Fax Internet
John Goodman BS RRT 800-527-2667 303-790-4588

Transtracheal Systems is a medical device manufacturing company that specializes in the design and production of innovative oxygen therapy products. Each product in our line is designed to improve oxygenation, ambulation, and quality of life for patients requiring continuous supplemental oxygen. Our core product for the past 20 years has been the SCOOP transtracheal catheter. Over 160 references in the medical literature testify to the superior clinical benefits of SCOOP catheters over standard nasal cannula. SCOOP catheters reduce resting flow rates 50-60%, while insuring 24 hour-per-day compliance with prescribed oxygen therapy. SCOOP transtracheal oxygen therapy has been clinically proven to reduce work of breathing, improve exercise capacity and increase longevity. Transtracheal oxygen therapy using the Fast Tract (In-Pt.) procedure can be both clinically and financially advantageous for hospitals that choose to initiate new transtracheal programs. On-site in-service is available after an initial purchase order of 3 Fast Tract Procedure Packs.

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198 Log Canoe Circle Stevensville MD 21666

Contact Phone Fax Internet
[email protected] 866-827-6843 410-604-3978

The New Standard in High Flow Therapy. Vapotherm, Inc. produces the VAPOTHERM® 2000i, a respiratory therapy device that allows high flows of breathing gases to be delivered by a narrow tube such as a nasal cannula or trans-tracheal cannula, using patented membrane technology to warm and saturate the gas stream. Vapotherm is defined by its ability to deliver warmed and humidified flows from 1 - 40 LPM via nasal cannula in neonatal, pediatric and adult applications. This concurrence of attributes - flow, humidity and warmth - permits treatment of a broad range of indications. The 2000i includes a series of indicators and alarms to allow the clinician to deliver safe and effective therapy.

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Versamed, Inc.
2 Blue Hill Plaza PO Box 1512 Pearl River NY 10965

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Kevin Plihal 800-475-9239 845-770-2850

VersaMed, now part of GE Healthcare, is an innovative company providing critical care, general care, subacute, transport and Home Care ventilation solutions throughout the world. In VersaMed’s continuing commitment to providing cutting edge products to be used throughout the spectrum of care, we created the first full featured, battery-operable, transportable, MRI compatible, invasive and non-invasive ventilator available. The iVent201 ventilator is now the most versatile ICU class ventilator on the market. The iVent201 is revolutionizing the way of providing ventilatory support to critically ill patients in and out of the MRI suite. With the advanced features of the iVent201, Adaptive Flow™, Adaptive I-Time™, dual triggering, and Easy Exhale, your patients will be comfortable throughout the trip from ICU to the MRI suite or anywhere they need to go, even home! The breadth, depth and scope of GE Healtchare solutions, products and services adds a dimension to the VersaMed platform unparalleled in the marketplace. With its competitive price and upgradeability, the iVent201 is the savviest investment for all your needs, now and in the future.

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Vitalograph, Inc.
13310 W. 99th St. Lenexa KS 66215

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Kevin Bowlin 800-255-6626 913-888-4259

Vitalograph has over 40 years experience designing, manufacturing and marketing spirometry, asthma management and smoking cessation equipment and accessories.

Our range of spirometry products includes the latest version of the Vitalograph ALPHA bedside spirometer, the Vitalograph Spirotrac 6800 PC spirometry system, the COPD-6 screener and our new asma-1 electronic asthma monitor.

Vitalograph also produces a range of spirometry consumables that fit most PFT equipment including the original one-way valve mouthpiece, the SafeTway®, as well as Bacterial/Viral Filters, nose clips, and other disposable mouthpieces.

Our smoking cessation motivational tools, the Vitalograph BreathCO breath CO monitor and Vitalograph Lung Age indicator, provide visual proof of the damage smoking is doing and improvement as participants progress through the program.

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VivoMetrics, Inc.
121 N. Fir Street, Suite E Ventura CA 93001

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xVivoMetrics, Inc., founded in 1999 and based in Ventura, Calif., specializes in continuous ambulatory monitoring through the use of its proprietary LifeShirt® technology, enabling healthcare professionals and researchers to collect laboratory quality physiological data outside of the traditional laboratory or clinic environment. A wearable, completely non-invasive “smart garment”, LifeShirt monitors vital life-sign functions such as heart rate, respiration rate, posture, activity and skin temperature which, when monitored and reviewed in relation to one another, provide the most complete, real-time picture of physiologic status available today. VivoMetrics has supported research and clinical trials using LifeShirt at over 175 leading research and academic institutions across a wide range of disease states, including sleep disordered breathing, congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cystic fibrosis, and enabled data collection in such harsh and inaccessible locations as the International Space Station and Antarctica.

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Vortran Medical Technology 1, Inc.
21 Golden Land Court Sacramento CA 95834

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Jody L. McCarthy 800-434-4034 916-648-9751

VORTRAN Medical Technology 1 manufacturer of a unique line of low cost, single patient, automatic respiratory products:

VORTRAN Automatic Resuscitator (VAR™) - inexpensive, MRI safe, automatic resuscitator for transport or emergency ventilation suitable for pediatric and adult patient body mass 10 kg (22 lbs.) and above.

E-Vent Case™ organized for rapid emergency ventilation deployment in any MCI (Mass Casualty Incident).

PercussiveNEB™ inexpensive, high frequency airway clearance percussive device.

VORTRAN IPPB™ - easy to use IPPB without the capital equipment expense.

Hi-Flow 70™ Compressor custom manufactured meeting high flow requirements unique to PercussiveNEB™ and VORTRAN-IPPB™.

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Western Medica
875 Bassett Rd Westlake OH 44145

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Customer Service 800-783-7890 440-871-2197

xFor 55 years, Western has been the gold standard for the health professionals who settle for nothing less. While other companies are cutting corners using inferior materials in their products, Western offers reliable products made of quality materials that will withstand the test of time. That fact coupled with vast amounts of regulators, flowmeters and accessories with various CGA's, DISS and other connections, makes Western the consistent choice for serious professionals.

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